• The Weight of All that I Wanted

    Squirrels dripped down the tree and laid on the ground
    The sun was right above me shinning softly on my skin
    The air felt chilly when I realized I was alive
    I always had this feeling that I was living
    Now I feel a juxtaposition between my depression
    To this beautiful world I’m breathing in
    Surprised at the level that my pleasure would rise
    Frequently a smile adorned my face
    Stuck in the action of a catalyst
    Between me and this environment
    Collecting joy from the tiniest qualities of the earth’s abilities
    Most of the happiness entered through my eyes and ears
    But then I touched the softest skin
    A vibration guided me to the intricacies of her naked body
    My mind entered into ecstasy
    My molecules divided exponentially
    I explored this world as a wavelength
    Inhaling anything that gave me strength
    I joined water evaporating, expanding, migrating
    Condensed by a sudden drop in temperature
    Spilled on to the earth’s crust
    Meandered along the surface, trickling, running, rushing
    The ocean did not pass judgment as I washed in
    While part of this massive collection I rested
    Marinated on the thought of love
    A tropical storm turned me into atmosphere
    Casually I rained down on her sexuality
    She smiled as I drenched her body
    Saturated her flesh with the details of my lust
    Squeezed her skeleton, her rib cage, her heart
    She lay still on top of me
    Gravity pressed her into my belly
    I felt the weight of all that I wanted
    Digested the notion that we were living
    Found a place of peace, for an instant
    In her eyes we traveled a distance
    To a location of a utopian existence

  • Lucky the Dog

    My name is lucky
    I am a dingo
    I live in the
    Mountains of Colorado
    On the western slope
    I herd cattle
    While my masters ride
    On horse and saddle
    It’s fall
    Chilly at this elevation
    On these days
    We gather our collection
    Drive the beasts
    Down to grandma’s barn
    To slaughter some
    Keep the rest warm
    During this ritual
    I was kicked in the crown
    One big hearty hoof
    Almost put me down
    It hurt a lot
    Left me demented
    I wondered alone
    My skull indented
    I couldn’t see anyone
    Toppled over to the ground
    Vomited twice
    Stumbled around and round
    I drifted downhill
    Ushered by gravity
    Twisted through trees
    Closer to clarity
    I finally made it back
    To my old dog pen
    While the ceiling was swirling
    I laid solitary
    For two days, two nights
    My body still works
    But my head ain’t right

  • One Day Walking

    There were bats at the park today
    Well this evening
    The robins were scared
    They hid under the trees
    Just above ground
    The bats made a horrible sound
    Flapped their limp wings

    There were mosquitoes too
    They bit me twice
    I killed three
    Both that bit me and one more
    I got one up on them now
    The mosquitoes are mad

    There was a beautiful house
    On the side of the road
    Behind a side walk
    Double occupancy
    It was grey but reflected blue

    There was a tree out front
    It saw the reflections
    Absorbed the beauty
    Shared it with me
    Through the shape of it’s leaves

  • Her Mind Altered

    She needed money
    Was pretty desperate
    Decided to be a guinea pig
    Part of a study
    They signed her up
    They shook her hand
    They wore white over coats
    Carried clipboards
    She arrived at eleven
    In the morning
    They gave her a pill
    She stayed in a room
    In their facilities
    Filmed her movements
    She didn’t know
    She was being watched
    Every half hour
    She had to answer questions
    On the world wide web
    The information supper highway
    Provided problems
    That needed answers
    So she was tested
    To determine effects
    Of the drug
    Inside her body now
    She never really felt affects
    While she was there
    Always when arriving
    At her place at like five
    Then it would hit her
    The drugs
    The affects
    She would energize
    Move efficiently
    Produce more production
    She wanted more drugs
    To motivate her days
    She showed the world
    More of herself
    While producing
    Moving materials
    With her hands
    While on drugs

  • Days Like This

    There was a nice house
    Bricks fell off the front of it
    Big bricks
    Crushed the neighbor’s foot
    The incident was a spectacle
    Most observed from their porch
    Talked about the foot, the house
    Their day at work
    That part wasn’t amusing
    The part about work

    A block further
    A car crashed into a truck
    Tires squealed, a huge bang
    Horn was stuck
    It made an annoying noise
    The airbag in the car
    Cushioned the ladies head
    Saved the bones in her face
    The man in the truck was a Mexican
    Didn’t like the damage to his truck
    He hugged the woman
    She cried

    A week later
    The foot hadn’t healed
    The house was demolished
    Not a safe structure
    Neighbors didn’t talk
    Lady’s car is fixed
    Looks brand new
    Her neck hurts
    The Mexicans truck
    Rear end is still smashed
    He didn’t have insurance

  • Public Servant

    I saw her walking tall
    She appeared focused
    Old lady, black hair
    White streaks of grey

    A worn yellow sweater
    Old lady skirt
    Old lady shoes
    She gave me a stern look

    I saw her again
    Head buried in the trash
    She didn’t have a dumpster diving appearance
    I meandered further through the grassy green park

    Sugary cereal
    At the foot of a tree
    Uncooked pasta
    At the base of the next

    I saw the squirrels
    Gray and fat
    Having a youthful breakfast
    Enjoying Italian cuisine

    God bless her heart
    Feeding those furry animals
    Lord knows
    They can’t feed themselves

  • A Prosperous Man

    My dad grows things
    A horticulturist
    Germinates seeds
    Picks vegetables
    Flowers, fruits
    He made tomatoes
    Spring from granite
    Cultivated a pumpkin patch
    In my mother’s bath tube
    Grape vines crept in
    Through every window
    Herbs sprouted from our shoes
    Rosemary in my moccasins
    Thyme from my wing tips
    Under the sink
    Fungus flourished
    He made us happy
    Growing our meals
    One day he cross bread
    Cotton, tobacco and
    We all anticipated
    The mutant plant’s
    What blossomed
    Was mind blowing
    Big Ben Franklin bills
    Burst from every bud
    We picked and picked
    Until we were rich
    Gave it light
    Water regularly
    It made us a fortune
    Or maybe
    My father
    Made our family so

  • The City is Lonely

    I sit for days, waiting for sun
    I want to be productive, get something done
    Motivation is slowed to a halt
    Motionless, lights lowed, locked in a vault
    Steel, cold, metallic
    Bare feet, no shirt, stoic
    Suddenly fast a missile
    My ear catches a high-pitched whistle
    I check the window and next the mirror
    What’s this distraction invading my ear?
    Yes I remembered to communicate
    Set myself up to appreciate
    A bit of tea to warm my soul
    A reward for being thoughtful
    It seemed the room was filled with only me
    The city is lonely conversing with tea

  • Character

    I have shed some skin
    New routine closet and kitchen
    Layers have been peeled
    A soft under belly revealed
    Supple flesh harden to callus
    Separation from the cushy suburban palace
    Exposure to the gritty guts of society
    Language skin color wide variety
    Keener vision focused vivid dreams
    Materialized into a laser beam
    Energy condensed to a clear picture
    Transformed into a vibrating creature
    Reflections resonate with every step
    Hungry for my wishes to develop
    Everything around me is beginning to grow
    I am filled to fullness in order to overflow

  • Confusion

    Confusion shows it's face at the age of twenty four
    illusions of grandeur open no doors
    which path is mine and where do i find it?
    switch back and forth, i begin to rewind it
    untangle my past of achievement, anticipation
    mingle through my mind mending my memorization

    Confused again about my present and future
    enthused again to build a clearer picture
    "follow your heart" so many have said
    good advice till it hits a dead end

    Confused again about my location
    my time, my money, this whole situation
    my heart must be keeping things from me
    my next step is cloudy and hard to see
    is my idea of a future nothing at all?
    what is the pace of life? do i run or crawl?

    Confused again, but one day i will find
    a use for this confusion, this waste of time

  • Expansion

    When does a stone acquire life?
    Will it ever explode into a universe?
    Turn destruction into time
    Create a gravitational pull
    Multiply cells into tissue
    Mutate simple organisms
    Into complex creatures
    Divide them into species
    Give them a setting
    An opposite sex
    A place to proliferate
    Generate a language
    Communicate ideas
    Verbalize with eyes
    Stimulate separate
    Sexual appetites
    Agitate hormones
    Erect and wet

    Of invention
    Expanding ideas
    Observing failures
    Correcting malfunctions
    Inserting production
    Ambitions of self-amplification
    Voter registration and determination
    Motivation to infect the population
    With an image of accomplishment
    All surrendered by a collision
    A universal catastrophe
    Naive to the tiny motives
    The dreams, the enthusiasm
    No consideration
    Only annihilation

  • Half a Year

    Half a year, I wonder if I have progressed
    Have I followed the right steps on my way to success
    The path is still foggy but signs have erected
    Process of elimination has selected and rejected
    Pieces have been carved with a future in mind
    A rough draft of some sort is starting to shine
    Maybe there is no end but only process
    Tiny accomplishments that manifest
    A body of creation trailed along the way
    A product of turning work into play

  • Human Rate

    i woke up dizzy today.
    i could hear the trampling of human feet.
    faster and faster down the street.
    beneath their souls the earth increases speed.
    i sit bedside and watch the floor spinning beneath me.
    toe after toes slowly i climb aboard.
    then i'm swept away with an awful roar.
    breakfast is made, in a split second i'm dressed.
    i'm losing my footing, out the door i'm pressed.
    i stagger twice and catch my balance.
    shadows zoom by and lunch is past tense.
    pitter-patter the feet persist.
    i pause for a break but the people resist.
    soon i'm washed away by skirts and suits.
    overcoats, laptops, tennys and boots.
    rushing like a river forced by gravity.
    the delta of this surge will be sad sight to see.
    soon this cascade will have to cease.
    maybe that day we'll get some peace.

  • Lazy Day

    The sunshine dragged me out of bed
    It was noon, Sunday
    Took the long way to the park
    See some city sights
    Short shorts, mini skirts, high heels and tights
    A shady tree sustains a non-productive day
    Lazy I lay watching the children play
    Mindless wondering, soaking some sun
    People watching, loneliness, all served on a bun
    Why do I choose to do nothing at all?
    Maybe there’s a party or someone to call?
    Nope, only a void between morning and night
    Time consumed, nothing done sounds about right

  • Motivation

    I’m living vicariously through my tv
    Hoping my bong will ignite my creativity
    Maybe I’ll create some motivation
    Not just a dream but a cloud of innovation
    Use the energy swirling inside my head
    Get up early, sleep when I’m dead
    Form shapes from hands filled with function
    Navigate my path to a positive junction
    Turn off that box projecting time wasted
    Quit eating up “nothing to be tasted”
    Mobilize my synapse into a giant bolt
    Let them see my work with a massive jolt
    Sit up straight, you’re starting to slouch
    Turn on some music and get off the fucking couch

  • my contemporary

    mass communicating
    casually transmitting
    sexually driven
    mass transit
    two dollar you call it
    sweaty brows
    red bull vodka
    nicotine stimulant
    fifteen minutes late
    from lunch break
    product based
    piss tested
    public servant
    cookie cut homes
    congested commute
    fries with that
    super sized trans fat
    rising divorce rate
    sixty five dollars for an eighth
    drug induced
    mundane employment
    calculated movements
    credit card debt
    happy hour
    white middle class male
    fabricated mechanical moons
    combustible fossil fuel

  • One Day I Will Die

    Each day the sun shines on your life and mine
    Carving your present and distinguishing your time
    Rising and setting leaving the past behind
    Illuminating a future, a plan, dreams of some kind
    Goals to meet, people to greet, shortcuts to find
    Optimism for a model perceived in your mind
    Align these fictional aspirations and figure your fine
    But what if, one day, I will die
    How will they know
    How could they look me in the eye
    Feel my soul, know I tried
    Pushed back against gravity, walked with a sturdy stride
    Invested my spirit, crushed the daily grind
    How will they see my flesh woven in the sky
    Touch the intricacies of my spine
    Will they remember one day I was alive

  • Our Secret, Never Discussed

    My ears are deafened to your stresses inside

    Your deepest words have found a good place to hide

    Please, my touch is gentle but my heart is strong

    Translate your emotions into song

    I can feel your blood pulsing through my veins

    Let my heart pump through all your pains

    Let me taste the agony on your tongue

    Let me feel the bees as they stung

    I wasn't there to guide you through

    So take me back and I'll hurt with you

    Let me rescue you from your flames within

    My hand is touching yours so please begin.

  • Rush Hour

    Nothing better than the blue line packed with patrons
    Pedestrians pursuing prior engagements
    An hour filled with commuters
    Business suites, hard hats, laptop computers
    Chalked full was my train
    Space congested, cholesterol in theirs veins
    I pushed in but could not penetrate
    My forehead began to perspirate
    If I miss this train my day might spoil
    Someone broke out a bottle of baby oil
    They lubed me up as I anticipated entry
    I ran, jumped, the crowd accepted me
    Clogged by flesh this car might explode
    The oil got lose and covered the whole load
    Everyone slippery as sardines
    The lady next to me was a sex fiend
    She got excited and took off her shirt
    I was already so close my hand went up her skirt
    As she moaned the crowd got excited
    Men advanced and woman invited
    Nakedness throughout this hedonistic trip
    Long legs, stiff dicks, nipples and lips
    For a while I didn’t know up from down
    Must have been a sight when we hit the next town
    The orgy spilled out onto the stop
    Eyes opened, panties pulled up, jaws dropped
    I gathered my clothes, couldn’t find my shoes
    I ran off to the bar to share my latest news

  • Pigeon

    the day was nice, sunny with shade
    resting, remembering last time i got laid
    green trees, green grass, a late summers day
    a souvenir of good weather before it turns gray
    rabbits and squirrels and all animals alike
    contribute to the park and all it's delight
    sleepy i lay, drowsy at best
    then caught a glimpse of that awful pest
    the bum of birds, a rat with wings
    bathes in dirt and never sings
    from the corner of my eye, up in the tree
    i saw him and i know he saw me
    closed my eyes and continued my rest
    but soon disturbed when he shit on my chest!!!
    a sloppy white mess up to my neck
    my nap was ruined my day was a wreck
    "Fuck your beak, and your accurate aim,
    I'll tar your feathers and render you lame"
    a horrible message i began to convey
    he didn't care. he laughed and flew away